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BETWEEN CENTER WORK (usually not hollowed, grain parallel to lathe axis)


Tool handle Christmas ornament Spinning top
Rolling pin Egg Hat/coat pegs
Lamp column Lace bobbin Ball
Chess piece Drawer pull (tenon) Finial
Wine corker/stopper Light/fan pull Earrings
Honey dipper Candle Stick Ink pen
Salt/pepper shakers Sugar shaker Gavel
Baluster Furniture leg Cane/walking stick
Nightstick Butter knife Stool leg
Porch column Newel post Flute
Letter opener Vase Pool cue
Weed pot Chair spindles Mallet
Drum stick Duck call Whistle
Bed post Mushroom Fishing lure
Musky Masher Screwdriver handle Door stop
Baseball bat Mailbox post Door knob
Pepper mill Bracelet Fishing rod

FACE WORK (usually hollowed, grain at right angle to lathe axis)

Bowl Plate Platter
Stool seat Lazy Susan Mirror
Cutting/bread board Picture frame Clock case
Coaster Covered container Button
Citrus Guicer Bird bath Tray
Hat Frisbee Ladle
Drawer Pull (for screws) Sink

Lamp/candle base



END-GRAIN HOLLOWING (always hollowed, grain parallel to lathe axis)

Lidded box Goblet Chalice
Cup Bell Thimble
Scoop/ladle End-grain bowl Egg cup
Pin cushion Toothpick holder Honey pot
Butter mold Mortar Needle case
Pencil holder Funnel Funeral urn