Some of you know my other real passion in life other than woodturning:  fishing.  Perhaps one of my greatest joys is to combine these two activities—in making my own fishing lures.   The real challenge is to make ones that really catch fish, not just look cool!    Many folks ask me that question when I show slides or the real thing.   So, here is my answer.


A few years ago one of my closest friends--and a world-class woodturner—Matthew Hill took some of my lures on an all day fishing expedition.   Some of the fish were pretty small.  However, on literally the last cast of the day Matthew hooked the largest fish of his life.   


For the June/July 2010 issue of American Woodworker magazine I did an article on making lures.   In conjunction with that article they borrowed some of the footage from that fishing trip with Matthew  (I am the camera man for that scene).   There is also a section on making lures and a shorter version of the fish-catching scene in my DVD Son of Skew.


Check this out: